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The Impact of Behavior Change



Our behavior is specifically linked to our thoughts and feelings.  Our bodies and essentially our beings are always attempting to find balance and a level of comfort in our every day life.  We have created habits and behaviors to get us into this comfort zone.  Changing our habits can be quite disruptive and uncomfortable.  It is within this discomfort where the change happens if you allow it to be.      

Meet Lori Starr

Behavior Change Specialist

It has taken many years of education and personal experience to discover the truth behind our HEALTH and wellness dysfunction. 


We are all on unique paths, but our HABITS and the BEHAVIORS that create them are key.  


The moment our brains begin thinking in the morning we set the stage for the day.  Usually it's the same day carried over from past weeks, past months, or even past years!  HABITS that lead to health dysfunction!!

The only way to CHANGE the issue is to change the habit!

A total LIFESTYLE REBOOT is necessary! 


Changing these habitual patterns and routines is essential to rediscover YOUR version of true health. 

And this can get UNCOMFORTABLE!!

If you can find a way to EMBRACE the discomfort, change will come.  

And eventually... 

The uncomfortable will become COMFORTABLE.  

You can take agency over your life. 

It's yours!  Mold and shape it the way you DESIRE!   

It takes REAL effort and DESIRE to change AND grow into your best self!  You CAN do it and I'm here to SUPPORT you!  

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Initiating Change


The key to initiating change lies in the ability to bring attention to your personal thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Learning how you respond to triggering events in the moment can create awareness and eventual initiative for change.  There may be more ease in implementing new habits once self-awareness is acknowledged and heeded.  What does it feel like in the moment when you are triggered?  Does your heart race?  Do you have a certain thought?  What emotions arise?  How can you do differently next time?  

Self-Awareness begins the process of change.

Bring your attention inside.  

Meet Lori

Healthy Starts Here

Without Your Health What Do You Have?

Why Behavior Change?

Why Behavior Change?

Changing Your Behavior Can Help With:


Observing patterns are important for digestion: stress responses, dietary intake, breathing patterns are factors that may impact digestion.


If the body and mind are congested, fatigue can be a result.  


Physical, mental, and emotional detox can be important for health recovery.

Women's Health

Female issues usually result from hormone dysregulation.  Hormone levels may be a byproduct of your dietary intake along with mental, emotional, and even spiritual alignment.

Weight Loss

Your body will release weight when it is satisfied and content mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Dietary intake can help mediate this process when ingesting healthy life-sustaining foods meant for your body.


Stress is typically at the forefront of health dysfunction.  Healthy coping strategies are important to discover and turn to when strutting our way through this crazy life.   


"Investing in health coaching with Lori was the best decision I ever made!  It helped motivate me to lose 20 pounds and gave me insight into many healthy tools to get me through my stressful life!  

-B. Turnbow



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