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Stop the Outsourcing

Updated: Mar 13

Just Stop!

Stop outsourcing your health.

Stop the visits to the Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist.

They will never know you as well as you can know yourself. Unless they are guiding you back to yourself, they are of no use to your desire to be better…get better…do better.

YOU are your own healer. No…body, No…thing can heal you but you.

Have you stopped to listen to what your own body is saying to you? Are you really paying attention?

Stop skimming the surface of your needs and dive in. Dive deep! That’s where you’ll discover the answers.

Have you calmed the constant chatter in your mind to discover what is hiding underneath? Are you frightened by what you may uncover?

The truth is that your healing is in your innate knowing.

That still, small voice that speaks…

Are you listening? That’s the voice that has the answers.

That voice is you. Not your ego, not your parents or society’s plans for you, or the beliefs of the past.

It is the voice that tells you when to take a break, or to take the new job, or leave a relationship.

Listen intently.

The loud and vexatious sounds of the other voice only has you going through the motions of an unfulfilled life. Its goal is to keep you safe in an unsafe world.

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